filmen und Videoschnitt mit dem Handy

Workshop für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene | 2018

Erstmals durchgeführt im NMB Neues Museum Biel: Video aufnehmen mit dem Handy - schnell, unmittelbar, einfach. Wir schauen genauer hin: Tricks und Tipps zur Videogestaltung und -Aufnahme sowie Videoschnitt mit dem Handy.

Thanks to the PATMI project, I was given the opportunity to carry out a workshop on shooting videos and editing using smartphones with pupils from the school in Meghradzor, Armenia. There were 21 adolescents who signed up to participate in the workshop each day after school. I had the idea to carry out this workshop when Sarine told me that the young participants of the PATMI project had been shooting videos during the mural painting. The workshop’s content was to give them advice and basic knowledge on technical matters and image composition along with an introduction to a film cutting app. This workshop was intended to provide these young adults a starting point from which they can create future videos. They now have the knowledge and ability, I’m curious to soon see their videos displaying the next PATMI mural project.