business dealings

An intervention with the participation of four businesses | Flyers and posters, 34 text panels (transcriptions of conversations) | 16th August til 7th September 2013.

Four businesses are invited to temporarily run their operations on the ground floor of the Künstlerhaus S11 in addition to their localities in the centre of Solothurn. The four businesses that were invited include ‘Lucky Indian Restaurant’, ‘Heidi’s Foto-Digi-Print’, ‘Muhi Pasha Imbiss & Café’ as well as ‘MIAGI Wine & Food’.

In detail:

geschäften (business dealings) takes place as part of the group exhibition ‘What means to be Swiss’ at the Künstlerhaus S11 in Solothurn.

Cultural particularities and knowledge
The four businesses that were invited are run by people with an immigrant background. Cultural particularities and procedures along with the respective knowledge about preparing food play an important role for the project geschäften. On the one hand, this becomes visible for the public to see during geschäften days. Visitors can observe how used printing cartridges are refilled with original ink, or Turkish ‘göszleme’ are prepared or how different Asian spices can be used. On the other hand, I held extensive conversations with the businesspeople during the preparatory phase of geschäften. We discussed various topics, ranging from business operations, the work situation, perceptions of ‘Swissness’ all the way to the means of gaining knowledge. Extracts of these conversations were transcribed and are now accessible at the exhibition at S11 on text panels which have been heaped on a table.

Change of venue
Visitors are made aware of the four geschäften sequences by means of a previously prepared pamphlet. The four businesses are the kind of business that, when seen from outside, are not instantly perceived or that you only enter after a number of times. The temporary change of venue to the Künstlerhaus S11 provides a different or perhaps expanded insight into these businesses. They gain new attention from passers-by through the contextualisation and relocation which in turn means publicity for them. At the same time, the Künstlerhaus S11 is perceived differently: during the geschäften days a number of passers-by asked since when that new business was located there.