Manifesto cookies for all! We're working on it.

Installation and action | Guck mal Günther, Kunst | 2017

A collaboration with Olivia Hegetschweiler at the Guck mal Günther, Kunst-Festival 2017. The installation and activity is primarily occupied by the production of cookies with content. Text and image elements – the manifestos – are worked into the still warm and malleable cookies. A manifesto usually serves as a way to disseminate visions, ideas, convictions and/or guidelines. Both artists extract snippets of texts and images from publications such as lexica, guidebooks or theory books that all try to define art. The artists intentionally supplement, mark, censor, shred them.

In detail:

About the activity
The development process is wholly visible. You can see the production of the cookies, from the preparation of the ingredients and dough over to the creation of the manifestos as well as the transformation of the material and the finding of the form. Because it all happens in the open, there is no way of hiding or glossing over: unfortunate experiments and failure are part of the process as much as the successful cookie production and the dialogue with visitors. The visitors can consume the cookies along with the manifestos throughout the production – and maybe find answers, at best new insights and perspectives. At worst, there are cookies for all. This creates a lively exchange about the concept of art and its possibilities for society.

About the installation
Outside the activity times, the manifesto-cookie installation stands for how both artists conceive the idea of art. Furthermore, traces from the process become visible – non-static or ‘finished’ art. Olivia Hegetschweiler and Lea Fröhlicher already carried out the manifesto-cookie installation in April 2017 at the Künstlerhaus S11 in Solothurn. The manifesto was shaped by an artistic grappling with a stack of cookbooks from the 1970s and 80s. The installation at the Guck mal Günther, Kunst-Festival is a continued development of their project both in terms of form as well as the cookies’ content. All in the spirit of taking something old and presenting it in a new light.

The cookie-manifesto installation was in production: 
Saturday, 16th September 2017 from 2pm 
Sunday, 10th September 2017 from 2pm