Buttresses crawl quietly

Installation with 5 video projections in series, 5-canal-sound | as Loop, 11 min 7 sec | 2010

Leaves pass through the gate. Wood falls and stays lying on the ground. Water drips. A cloth moves. Things happen that are not happenstance, they are staged. The apparent non-place comes alive through staging. The gaze is directed at certain things that were previously unnoticed.

video sequence of the installation Buttresses crawl quietly

video sequence of the installation Buttresses crawl quietly

In detail:

Buttresses crawl quietly presents two non-places that I label non-place 1 and 2. Filming took place at non-place 1 which is then projected at non-place 2. I think of non-places as places that I know and have entered many times. They do not have a distinct perpetual function. Non-places do not invite you to linger and are not given particular attention. They are just there. Sometimes they are transit areas or have become dumping grounds. They are everywhere. They are spoken about in negative and pejorative ways. I see in non-places something attractive and alluring, even raw and brittle that calls on me to engage with it, thereby opening a wider space for associations.

When engaging, I used elements that connect to these places. The autumn leaves are lying on the ground outside the gate. The wood was in the room itself. The water ran from the tap years ago. You can find the dust in the attic.

Traces on the walls of both non-places interlace. Traces caught on film are visible in the projection both next to and on top of real traces on the screening surface. What is actually visible on the wall and what is projected?